You can monitor, control, and improve quality with the help of WICIT SOLUTIONS’ BITs (Business Information Monitoring System), a powerful tracking system.

Business Information Tracking System

Like all things technological, the software improves with time. It is important to implement an ERP system that keeps pace with current trends and functionality and which focuses on keeping costs as low as possible, improving overall efficiency, and letting organizations make changes to the system as and when required. The latest systems are much easier to make changes after it has been implemented and users find it easier to gain the skills to maintain the system to make necessary changes when required. Beyond answering the question of what is ERP software, you should also know why you need it.
WICIT SOLUTIONS is offering BITs (Business Information Tracking System), a solution for organizations of different types and sizes in various industries, allowing you to monitor, manage and optimize quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.

Some Features

BITS Modules

Travel Request & Management

Task Management

Sales Management

Loan Request & Management


Fleet Management


Accounts & Finance

Attendance Management

Leave Management

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